mardi 5 avril 2011

The Fashion Book

The perfect A-Z guide to the creators of today's fashion world.

'A must for every self-respecting and dedicated follower of fashion.' (Sunday Telegraph Magazine)

'An AZ of everything you could wish to know about the past 140 years of fashion. Models, moguls, designers and photographers are profiled and cross-referenced in this indispensable survey.' (Harpers & Queen)

'It is probably the most comprehensive fashion encyclopaedia for general consumption available. A must-buy for the fashion obsessive.' (Independent on Saturday)

'A masterly encyclopaedia.' (Tatler)

'A feast of fashion and cheaper by far than a designer garment.' (The Big Issue)

'An excellent guide to fashion in all its diversity.' (Irish Times)

'At last, at last, at last our prayers have been answered. Phaidon have come up with every fashion lover's dream, The Fashion Book, both beautiful and faultless.' (What's On in London)

'The fashion bible.' (Vogue)

'The ultimate fashion reference book.' (Elle)


Marco de Rivera

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