dimanche 7 juillet 2013


Some things never change. Woman, who dreams of how beautiful she could feel in Haute Couture, and the Artist, who has the power to transform that dream into reality. Her feel for the softness of silk and luxurious embroidery, her exquisitely subtle lines... What does Woman strive for? Victory in life's battle through beauty? Defiance in beautiful clothing? Invulnerability in a world dominated by men? All of this will be hers. This irresistible Fall/Winter Collection 2013/14, of pure silk, delicate colours and style, will make women feel powerful and glamorous. What's the use of fighting? For Woman, there is always an 'Happily Ever After'. Those fairy tales of magic, music and love. Yulia Yanina wraps Woman in a weightless cloak of golden leaves and Richilieu lace labyrinths, tantalising the skin with perfection. Here, fantasy is fulfilled and dream becomes reality.