dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Tassos Sofroniou by Marco de Rivera

Marco de Rivera : Why conquistador?
Tassos Sofroniou : Because there is still ground to explore and conquer in modern menswear based in historical references without be costume or pretentious .

Marco de Rivera : This is a lifestyle collection
Tassos Sofroniou : Yes it is indeed because i want to dress travelers and urban heroes who are in the forefront of their choices. They want a new basic that is not jumpers and tracksuit bottoms with trainers. They want easy going luxurious handmade detail and multifunctional garments to buy.

Marco de Rivera : Is this the new urban mythology in menswear?
Tassos Sofroniou :Yes because i m Greek with a long line of tradition and history but i sense the same for other civilizations too, like Spain-were my labels name is originated-as well as China , Africa and Japan a,s.I feel like this is a universal language among this ancient cultures and that s the connection and the bond among men who wear conquistador.

Marco de Rivera : What are your colors ?
Tassos Sofroniou : I m close to the colours of earth like deep green, sand brown, cloud grey and always blue black in every collection as my canvas and my identity for this Winter collection.

Marco de Rivera : I know you used to work with Isabella Blow as a stylist in London.
Tassos Sofroniou : Yes I was lucky enough to work and live the comeback of London fashion with Issy and the remarkable changes in the late 90's.I learned to absorb everything around me and translate it to style and image. Therefore soon I got a camera and started to shoot my own fashion spreads. But fashion is in my blood and i noticed a gap in luxurious contemporary basics and i decided to launch Conquistador in Athens - Greece.

Marco de Rivera : Were we can buy your collection.
Tassos Sofroniou : In Greece at Sotris-Athens and Hionidis-Thessaloniki, in Cyprus at MMK1. Soon I ll have a international distribution please visit www.conquistador.gr

Photos by Tassos Sofroniou
Grooming Yannis Siskos
Modeled by Egor, Michael (Vn Models)
Art Direction : You & I
Post Production : Post Mode
French PR : Systeme-D.net
Paris Showroom : 11, Rue de Saintonge, 75003, Tel +306974396808 JAn 20-25th, 2011

PORTRAIT PHOTO BY Dimitris Skoulos


Marco de Rivera

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