mardi 4 octobre 2011

Loris Azzaro by Jéromine Savignon

Historian of fashion and style, Jéromine Savignon is the author of several reference books in the world of Haute Couture including books Saint Laurent (ed. La Martiniere), Cacharel, the Liberty (ed. Assouline) or The Spirit Vionnet. For the literary season, the writer tells the story of another major figure in the Haute Couture Loris Azzaro. Throughout the pages, Jéromine Savignon returns to the epic genius of the creator, founder in 1967 of the eponymous house, chapter by chapter outlining the major stages of his career. The installation of his shop at 65 rue St. Honore in 1971 in his first successes, including the silk jersey, mesh lurex dress or the famous three-ring, worn by Claudia Cardinale eternal icons, Sophia Loren and Romy Schneider, historian recalls decades of creations from Mediterranean sensuality and Parisian chic, the essence of the universe who loved Loris Azzaro define the ideal dress as "one that makes you want the woman to the and put the man to take away. "

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