dimanche 5 juin 2011



Coming from the military dress, the corset has lost its defensive role and character to become a warrior for centuries a tool of seduction. While it is currently enjoying a heyday, a fashion designer and an art critic to join us in telling the story. It begins in ancient times and is available over time on both modes of male and female. The corset tells us much about our relationship to the body and the intimate, and on the issue of appearances. Mask that hides as much as it means, what it from view, the corset to the male protects the vital organs of battles in tournaments, while providing stiffness and virility. In women, it sanctify the "precious", the sexual body but also the impulses of the heart. Through its meandering and son nodes, lacing, so welcome in the magical world of corsets and singular, and portraits unexpected but rich in meanings that gives us each time.

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