mardi 24 mai 2011

Paris - Delhi - Bombay

The Centre Pompidou in Paris Gallery 1-Delhi-Mumbai ..., a major exhibition to discover the contemporary Indian society through the viewpoints of Indian and French visual artists. Based on a groundbreaking collaboration between India and France, the event aims to generate discussion and build lasting relationships between the two cultures. As a confrontation unique artistic expressions, the project of a new kind thrives experiences and visions of the creators: how India is today perceived by Indian artists and the French artists?

Nearly fifty artists reflect the profound changes in Indian society through their perception of politics (the foundations of democracy, an issue of the score, rising middle class), religion (beliefs, spirituality ...), the identity (national, regional, linguistic, sexual, caste-related ...), urban (rural-urban migration, growth of megacities), crafts (ancestral traditions and modernity, heritage and current technologies) or domestic ( family, marriage, female emancipation, kitchen ...). Indian and French artists provide insights on India today and deliver their own interpretation of his company. Most French artists in the exhibition guests went for the first time in India in connection with this project. Over two thirds of the works are productions made specifically for this specific context, as many original ideas presented in a stimulating dialogue and unexpected.

Besides the abundance and effervescence of its art scene, India is the world's largest democracy, a new leading economic player and the second most populous country in the world. In this regard, it arouses intense interest, often of passions and growing attention from the French and European public, but it is still distant and poorly known. The ambition of Paris-Delhi-Bombay ... is to bring together the two cultures through their arts scenes, bringing them closer and understanding of this young company growing and vibrant contemporary art scene.

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