mercredi 30 mars 2011

Studio Job’s, Robber Baron series.

Studio Job’s, Robber Baron series.

‘Robber Baron’ is a pejorative term used to describe the rich American bankers of the 19th century. Power, corruption, art and industry are the main themes of this series of five pieces of functional furniture made entirely in bronze.

Studio Job / Robber Baron

Robber Baron Cabinet
Polished and patinated bronze, 24k gilding
H 175 L 117 W 51 cm
H 69 L 46 W 20 Inches
2,200 Lbs / 998 Kg
Edition of 6

The polished bronze cabinet, with black patinated “bomb crater” and gilded reliefs, was inspired by a 17th century armoire by André-Charles Boulle, in the Wallace Collection, London. The heavy doors are fully functional because of a ball bearing mechanism.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery " Pavillon des Arts & Desing Paris Tuileries " 30/3 until 03/04/11

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