dimanche 6 mars 2011

Denis Robert " Sublime Décadence"

Denis Robert
" Sublime Décadence" offers an immersion in a world as strange and unexpected, a wetland, spagyric where, in an atmosphere musky flowers and lotus leaves begin a long process of maceration, dissolution and return to the dark substrate their origin.
Denis Robert, exploring the different stages of decomposition, enters a world of change and decay. This decline, paradoxically, represents a sublime form of individualization: the lotus has exceeded the pinnacle of its vegetative growth, attained during flowering - each stage nelumbo is consistent with the archetype - the substance of its large leaves, subject to elements, is characterized by an infinite variety of shapes and shades of color.

Galerie de l'Europe,

10 March till 9 April 2011

55 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris


Marco de Rivera

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