lundi 7 mars 2011

Bill Cunningham with Marc Audibet by Marco de Rivera

I was delighted to see today Bill Cunningham with Marc Audibet . Here some news about him :

Bill Cunningham New York, the illuminating and inspiring documentary.”
–Andre Leon Talley, Vogue [download article as a PDF]

“Fascinating! A must-see!”
–The Sartorialist

“A great documentary for a deserving fashion legend.”
–Mark Mikin, Esquire online

“The most elusive and most visible fashion presence in New York has finally been captured on film, in a deeply moving, visually stunning documentary about New York Times ‘On the Street’ photographer Bill Cunningham.”
–Sylvia Rubin, The San Francisco Chronicle

“Bill Cunningham is astutely defined by Bill Cunningham New York as not simply a traditional photographer of clothing, but an anthropological historian. (The film) is at heart the story of a man for whom life’s great joy has come from wholesale immersion in artistic obsession.”
–Nick Schager, Slant Magazine

“Lovely and heartening. We see his work process in all its marvelous (or, as Cunningham says, mahvelous) idiosyncrasy.”
–Amy Taubin, Artforum

“When fashion fans talk about street style these days, they’re likely to drop the names of Scott Schuman, Yvan Rodic aka The Facehunter or Garance Doré . But most of them forget about a true pioneer in this field, 80-year-old New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, who now gets the credit he deserves in new documentary Bill Cunningham New York.”
–The Independent (UK)

Photo : Marco de Rivera Paris 2011

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