jeudi 27 août 2009

Olivier Roller

Olivier Roller

These photographs belong to the cycle Figures du pouvoir
/ Figures of power. They show power in France at the
beginning of the 21st century.
More precisely, these pictures show men of authority, which
is not exactly the same.
If power is immutable, men of authority are actually «flaky».
They are ministers, admen, advisors, press owners. What is
portrayed here is a power undergoing radical transformation,
Do ministers still have real power?
Several people among the admen have been part of the
golden age in advertising during the 80’s and 90’s. Nowadays
it has completely changed. Advertising gave way to
an exclusive image. Newspaper and magazines will still exist
within 10 years?
What is photographed is a disappearing world.
The power is the dream of defying the time, but well-knowing
that the time will be stronger. The man of authority
knows he has lost.

Exposition à Thessalonique (Grèce) en septembre et octobre, au musée d'art moderne.
Thème : la représentation du pouvoir 2009

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